My Show and Tell This Week

You can all find my show and tell this week here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Writing a weblog today isn’t the bright idea it was four years ago. The blogosphere, once a freshwater oasis of folksy self-expression and clever thought, has been flooded by a tsunami of paid bilge. Cut-rate journalists and underground marketing campaigns now drown out the authentic voices of amateur wordsmiths. It’s almost impossible to get noticed, except by hecklers. And why bother? The time it takes to craft sharp, witty blog prose is better spent expressing yourself on Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter.


The author goes on to make his case which, in the end, is overstated. Sure, blogs are less of a sensation than they were a few years ago, but that is only because we have developed even newer ways of delivering the same content. That doesn’t mean don’t blog, it just means that blogging alone might not be enough.

If you are interested, you can check out my blog here. It has nothing whatsoever to do with journalism or interactivity. But, it is full of my ramblings. You all know what those are worth.



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