News website incorporates Facebook, innovative interactive features

We’ve talked a little bit about feedback on news websites; well here is a site that takes the “comment box” a step further by incorporating Facebook accounts.  Here’s an excerpt from the full story that explains how the site operates:

It works like this: A person logs onto the site ( using their Facebook ID. A list of stories — including headlines and news teases — is displayed. On the right rail are “quips,” Facebook user comments accompanied by profile pictures. Users can pose questions in a particular story: Each paragraph provides a little pop-up featuring queries along with answers. Readers also can write a letter to the editor providing a “thoughtful view in 250 words or less.”

The site can also be personalized based on social network. Says Gordon, “If people in your social network have participated on the site (posting a quip, question or letter), there is a section of the home page that displays the most recent activity by your friend and a summary of other activities by your friends.”

I’ve always found the comment feature on news websites to be a bit disappointing.  While it can be fun to converse with other readers, I see little evidence that the majority of news producers actually read the comments on their news stories.  It seems that Newsmixer seeks to overcome this common deficiency.


— Bob Zuercher


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