Touchatag: The Interactive Advertising Opportunity

Alcatel-Lucent announced plans to enhance its Touchatag service, which uses a combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), unique barcodes, and Near Field Communications (NFC) to create targeted, interactive advertising. Essentially, a consumer could use a NFC-enabled cell phone device to receive information about different products by simply touching the device to a “tag.” Here are some examples pulled directly from the story:

Just think of the possibilities. If a shopper walks by a shoe store and sees the latest Manolos in the window, she can scan the tag in the display with her NFC-enabled phone and be presented with a Web site offering full product information, pricing, user comments and ratings. If she goes into the store she can scan a tag on the shoe itself and get instant access to inventory, available colors, pricing, maybe even a discount for having scanned the product.
Or imagine walking down the aisle in a supermarket and scanning an item, and being presented with a list of recipes — and other necessary ingredients — to create that perfect meal. A consumer might also cross reference a database to ensure that the suggested food items contain no allergens.

The real benefit for advertisers, besides offering a more “interactive” experience for the consumer is the ability to track information pertaining to specific individuals. (Read more).

— Bob


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