Did the NY Times observe our class?

A few weeks back we discussed the idea of newspapers inviting citizens to conduct reporting at school board and city council meetings. Those citizens could then post their reactions/reports on newspaper Web sites. Someone even suggested using printing presses to publish an annual book where citizens could see their work in print.

Well, as far as newspapers enlisting the locals to report, it sounds like The New York Times is looking to jump on a trend known as going “hyperlocal”:

“The sites, dubbed ‘The Local,’ will mix contributions from New York Times journalists and community members on news and information and tips on everything from property taxes to deer hunts. In recent years a number of daily newspapers large and small have launched so-called ‘hyperlocal’ sites. The idea is while many newspapers can’t continue to support the staff to compete with large news outlets on national and international news, they can own what happens in their backyards.”


Just found this site, which takes this entire discussion to a whole new level:




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