Baseball Cards Come to Life

We have talked a lot in class about the impact that the Internet has had on newspapers. The Web is making baseball cards obsolete, too – why buy the cards when you can look stats up online? Once a $1 billion business, the market for sports trading cards has shrunk to $200 million in yearly revenue today.

Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner, now owner of the Topps card company, is looking for ways to make baseball cards relevant again.  According to this article, fans can purchase interactive cards called “Topps 3D Live” beginning today.  Here’s how it works:

…hold a special Topps 3D Live baseball card in front of a webcam will see a three-dimensional avatar of the player on the computer screen. Rotate the card, and the figure rotates in full perspective. It’s called “augmented reality,” a combination of a real image with a virtual one… Using the technology, card collectors see a three-dimensional version of a player and can play elementary pitching, batting and catching games using the computer keyboard.

Check out the video at the above link to see a card in action!

– Chrissie


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