David’s immersion paper

For my immersion project, I became Mercury Mendle, a citizen of Second Life. Here’s an excerpt from my paper:

“At first glance, Steuer’s conception of interactivity might seem the most appropriate model for Second Life because of the Steuer model’s association with virtual reality. However, Steuer’s three “factors” (speed, ranging, and mapping) do not encompass all the dimensions necessary for a full understanding of Second Life. Reliance on Steuer’s model would fail to adequately describe the experience of Second Life to someone who had never experienced the program before. Furthermore, “mapping,” as Steuer discusses it in “Defining Virtual Reality: Dimensions Determining Telepresence,” with its VR-oriented emphasis on controlling actions with our human body, still seems far too futuristic for the keyboard-operated Second Life. As I will discuss later, the Steuer model’s greatest contribution to an interactive analysis of Second Life is as a supplement to a more multi-dimensional model.”


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