Sports blogger makes money (Show and Tell Part 2)

Just so I stay on pace with the rest of the class, here is my second show and tell for the week . . .

On Sunday, Parade magazine printed its annual report on what people in different professions earn, and a sports blogger named Josh Bacott appeared on the magazine’s cover with a reported salary of $10,700. It turns out, Bacott is the founder of

Remember when Dean and I discussed the idea of the former sports editor from Georgetown creating his own blog and using his contacts to provide sports reporting that might end up rivaling the actual newspaper’s sports coverage? We said it might be possible for him to make a living doing a sports blog. Well, this is kind of a more humorous, less local, and very cynical take on that idea.

More on this blog that’s bringing in decent revenue:

“ is an online publication celebrating the absurdity of professional sports. In fact, it’s been the site tag-line since it launched in 2005. In less than three years, has grown from a one-man operation to an industry leader in online sports humor. Like a large majority of their readers, the owners and columnists grew up as diehard sports fans, but recognized the immense entertainment value existing within the athletes, owners, and even the fans themselves. shares that perspective with its readers, five days a week, during all sports seasons throughout the year.”




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