Personalized Food Pyramid

We probably all remember the food pyramid from our elementary school days. What you may not realize is that the food pyramid has had its fair share of controversy, from criticism of the portion sizes to allegations that the USDA was influenced by food production associations.

In 2005, the USDA announced a new, upgraded verision of the food pyramid called “MyPyramid”, with a focus on personalization. The food guide pyramid gave a one-size-fits-all set of recommendation. In contrast, MyPyramid has 12 sets of possible recommendations, with the appropriate guide for an individual selected based on sex, age group, and activity level. Users can log on to the Web site to see their personal recommendations.

While there, they can also use the menu planner. Choose a food, plug it into the planner, and you’ll get a calorie count and be able to see whether you’re meeting daily goals. The site also allows users to e-mail menus, assess and track food intake and assess and track physical activity levels. The targeted companion site for kids even has some games to teach kids about nutrition.

– Chrissie


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