TiVo Ads Get Interactive

TiVo and other video recorders are adding ads in unexpected places. That’s right; the company who set out to zap ads is now actually working with advertisers to reach more customers. Obviously, this is profit-driven.

“What we love about it is, if you think about it, the remote control and DVRs have really been a marketer’s worst nightmare,” said Anne Jensen, brand-building director at Unilever. “What we’re doing with ITV is, we’re actually making the remote control our friend.”

The ads – showing up on menus and when programs are finished or paused – are considered interactive because they ask the viewer to do something. This could be something simple like “click to learn more” or something more complicated, like desiging a car. Some ads even track how long a viewer spent with it.

Read more here.

– Chrissie


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